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The Design+Tech Initiative at Cornell is offering summer workshops where professors and researchers from Cornell provide intensive study of specialized subjects. The workshops are open to the public. Each workshop is 1 week long and will take place in person at the Cornell Tech campus in New York City.

Workshops will run from June 13th- August 14th, 2022. Workshops have minimum enrollment limits and are subject to be cancelled if they do not meet them. Workshop enrollment fees vary based on the intended audience.

Please contact Alexandra Bremers ( if you have questions.

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August 7-14, 2022

Listening Robots Workshop

Guy Hoffman and David GoedickeProf. Hoffman building a Blossom robot.

Join us for this hands-on workshop where we will be designing social robots that can listen to their surroundings and react appropriately.

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For robots to function in human society, they need to understand the social soundscape around them and use this understanding to provide appropriate interactions.

This workshop is an introduction to design “listening robots” that can recognize sound cues and react appropriately in response. We will integrate interactive sound recognition capability into simple robots. You will build a basic robot to work with or you can bring your own robot.

The workshop is limited to 10 participants, so you are encouraged to sign up early.

In the workshop, you will
… design an interaction concept for a social robot that listens to its surroundings.
… learn how to collect datasets and use them for training Neural Nets for your chosen interaction concept.
… learn about mechanisms and motion design for expressiveness.
… combine all of the above to build a robot prototype that can react to auditory signals.

Materials: Robotics, sensing, and prototyping hardware (provided)
Requirements: Laptop
Intended Audience: Software Engineers, Digital Media Professionals, Roboticists, Researchers, Hobbyists, Tinkerers
Format: This workshop will feature evening workshop hours to encourage attendance by working professionals. Please see the wiki-page for a detailed schedule.
Workshop fee: $150 registration fee plus $150 for materials kit


Guy Hoffman is an Associate Professor in the Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Cornell University. His research group studies the engineering and social aspects of interactions between humans and robots with the goal of designing robots that best support human values.

David Goedicke is a PhD candidate in Information Science based at Cornell Tech. He designs and develops prototypes to explore how people could interact with technology in the future. My thesis work explores how contextual sound can help picking the right behaviors for robots.


June 13- June 17, 2022

Expressive Interaction with Doors and Windows (CANCELLED)

Wendy Ju and Malte Jung with Timur Dogan

Two researchers programming microcontrollers.

Making a cardboard model

Sketching designs






Interaction design is extending beyond screens and computers into our everyday environments. In this workshop, you will design expressive interactions with automatic doors, windows and window coverings using Raspberry Pi controllers.

Materials: Raspberry kit will be provided for use

Requirements: Laptop

Intended Audience: Roboticists, Researchers, Hobbyists.

Format: Morning lectures, afternoon studio time

Cost: $500 registration fee


Malte Jung is an Associate Professor in Information Science at Cornell University and the Nancy H. ’62 and Philip M. ’62 Young Sesquicentennial Faculty Fellow. His research seeks to build understanding about interpersonal dynamics in groups and teams and how those can be shaped by machines. Malte leads the Robots in Groups Lab, which focuses on design and behavioral aspects of human-robot interaction in group and team settings.

Wendy Ju is an Associate Professor in Information Science at Cornell Tech. Her research focuses on the design of interaction with automated systems. She has a PhD from Stanford University, and a Master’s from the MIT Media Lab.

Timur Dogan is an assistant professor at Cornell AAP. Dogan holds a Ph.D. from MIT, a master’s in design studies from Harvard GSD, and a Dipl. Ing. in architecture with distinction from the Technical University Darmstadt. Dogan’s mission with Cornell and the Environmental Systems Lab is to enhance the knowledge of sustainable building technologies, through innovative educational programming and strategic research at the intersection of design, computer science, and building performance simulation as well as urban geospatial analysis.


July 5- July 8, 2022

Textile Tech (CANCELLED)

Francois Guimbretiere and Niti Parikh

Weaving on looms or by hands has provided a platform for record-keeping and storytelling for centuries. We will begin by making a  2 heddle loom first ourselves and then design digital interventions to operate this loom to make it more accessible.

Materials: DIY Loom kit, yarn as well as electronic components will be provided

Requirements: Laptop

Intended Audience: High School Students and up

Format: Morning workshops 9am – 12:30pm/ Independent Lab Hours 1:30-3:30pm

Cost: $300 registration fee plus $120 for materials kit


François Guimbretière is a Professor of Information Science at Cornell University. His research group explores how novel hardware could enhance users’ experience and creativity in digital document annotations, digital fabrication, remote collaboration, and Human-Robot Interactions. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Stanford University and graduated from École supérieure D’électricité (Supélec, ECE) in France.

Niti Parikh is a founding director of the MakerLAB @ Cornell Tech. Her current work focuses on designing learning environments that inspire people of all ages and abilities to realize their ideas using digital modeling and fabrication. After her masters in Interior Architecture from RISD she has worked in the field of Architecture focused on sustainable practices in public spaces as well as practicing modern day sustainable crafts in products/spaces at her design studio (NPS).


July 11- July 15, 2022

First Step to Programming for Interactive Digital Art (CANCELLED)

Huiju Park

In this workshop, you will learn principles of circuit design and programming a micro-controller using Circuit Python. You will create a sound-responsive artwork through discussion and hands-on studio activities.

Materials: Microcontroller kit will be provided

Requirements: Laptop

Intended Audience: High School Students and up

Format: Morning workshops 9am – 12:30pm / Independent Lab Hours 1:30 – 3:30pm

Cost: $300 registration fee plus $120 for materials kit


Huiju Park (PhD) is an associate professor of Apparel Design in the Department of Human Centered Design at Cornell University. Professor Park obtained his PhD at Oklahoma State University with an expertise in functional apparel design after working at Puma Korea for five years as a team sports product line manager. His research group has developed wearable technologies to improve human health, safety and aesthetics.  Professor Park has taught Smart Clothing Design and Programming, Activewear
Design and Fashion CAD at Cornell University.